iiii, a New York-based collaborative band made up of four young musicians, has already begun to emerge as a prominent force in the music world. The group has been dubbed a “group of pure radiance” by Anthony Dean-Harris, Editor in Chief of Nextbop, and released both a self-titled debut album and an EP, “Run iiii Cover” in 2013. In early 2014, iiii won the Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month Poll, and performed at venues up and down the East Coast.

Featuring vocalist Laila Smith, pianist Paul Bloom, bassist Connor Schultze, and drummer Jeremy Dutton, iiii mixes jazz sensibilities with R&B, singer-songwriter, and hip-hop influences to forge a new and captivating sound. The band’s music uses improvisation, songcraft, and humor in a way that, according to the Deli Magazine, “will have you dancing without even realizing it.”

Recently, iiii completed a 3-week California tour of 19 concerts and 7 educational workshops, including stops at the San Jose Jazz Festival, Take 5 Jazz Club, The California Jazz Conservatory, and workshops at San Francisco School of the Arts and Marin School of the Arts.

In addition to playing as a band, the members of iiii are all accomplished jazz musicians in their own right, and have performed at venues including Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Lincoln Center, Yoshi’s Jazz Club, The Jazz Gallery, The Smithsonian American Art Museum, The Kennedy Center, Duc de Lombards, Monterey Jazz Festival, Berne International Jazz Festival, & San Jose Jazz Festival.

Their musical influences include, but are not limited to: Christopher Nolan, Little Dragon, Johan Sebastian Bach, Cooper Vacheron, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, James Blake, Paul Simon, Chance the Rapper, Dr. Seuss, and Virgil.